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RobinAir - 4-Way Air Conditioning StationRobinAir - 4-Way Air Conditioning Station

Fully-Automatic Function without Panel Valves
Oil Injection with less than 1% Cross-Contamination
(Critical for hybrids)
Automatic Oil measurement & Injection controlled by scales
Change between traditional & hybrid vehicle systems without fear of cross contamination with oil injection
Automatically fills the internal cylinder from an external cylinder
R134a & Oil Database for Australian Vehicle Parc (Optional)Automatic Oil Drain
Vacuum Leak Test
Automatic Air Purge
Charge from High, Low or Both Sides
Vacuum: Defaults to 15 mins, programmable up to 99 mins
Management Systems displays the amount of R134a used
Monitors remaining filter life
Automatic Dye Injection
A/C System Flush; Flushes a vehicle’s A/C system with R134a
Save & Print before and after service data
Indicator light and notification alarm
Auto R134a Refill: Maintains a user-selectable amount of R134a in the internal cylinder and signals when it’s time to change the external cylinder
Easy and quick scale calibration .
(SAE J2788 Standard)

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RobinAir - 4-Way Air Conditioning Station

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