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The new range of John Bean Wheel Alignment Systems is now available from Repco Equipment. Increase your workshops profits with a John Bean Wheel Alignment System.

The New Range Includes:

V3D1LITE: Entry/Mid Level with Standard Alignment Software
V3D1EXCEL: Mid/High Level with Upgraded Alignment Software
V3D2EXCEL: Mid/High Level with Upgraded Alignment Software & Clamps
ARAGO: Ultimate Level with Full Target Tracking

Why Choose a John Bean 3D Imaging Wheel Alignment System?

  • Set Up & Readings in Under 3 Minutes
  • It’s Faster than Conventional Alignment Systems
  • Capable of up to 30+ Alignments a Day
  • Variable Height Camera Beam (Work at your own Height) 
  • Live Caster, Camber and Toe (Elevated & Turntables)
  • EZ-TOE: Turn the Front Wheels and Access Difficult Adjustments Points While Still Displaying Centred Toe Readings
  • 3D Modelling Technology/Animation
  • No Regular Calibration Required
  • No Electronic Heads No Sensitive Heads
  • No Cables or Batteries to Heads
  • No Need to Remove Plastic Hub Caps
  • No Jacking of the Vehicle for Run Out (Rolling Compensation Only)
  • No Lengthy Alignment Time
  • No Accuracy Problems
  • No Low Spoiler Problems
  • No Beams Running from Left to Right of Vehicles
  • Backed by Repco Equipment Service (tollfree 1800 224 581)

For More Information Contact Repco Equipment Today on 1800 224 581



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