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John Bean - Visualiner AragoJohn Bean - Visualiner Arago

The Arago V3D is the fastest, most accurate aligner in the industry. Thanks to its DigiSmart Tm technology, the Arago V3D's cameras automatically track and adjust to the vehicles target. Once the system has acquired the vehicles targets it will automatically track up and down with the alignment hoist for maximum alignment speed. Rolling compensation can be performed without lifting the vehicle, guaranteeing accuracy and providing alignment readings in under 2 minutes. The Arago V3D is perfect for those shops handling a high volume of alignments and looking for dramatic improvements in profitability.

Visualiner Arago is also equipped with the Platinum level user software that provides advanced measurement functions unseen on other alignment platforms. This premium software offering also includes the ability to perform OEM standard alignments and interact with OEM tooling for the vast range of car makers that endorse this machine.

Special Features
Intuitive easy to use software.
Complete and comprehensive world wide and designated Australian vehicle specification databases.
Advanced Measurement Capabilities.
Multiple customer report and printout options including colour.
Alignment and Customer Database.
DigiSmart Tm  auto tracking camera system.

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John Bean - Visualiner Arago

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