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John Bean - VisualinerJohn Bean - Visualiner

The full imaging alignment platform utilized by the V3D1 combines the latest generation high definition digital cameras and passive wheel targets to provide live 3-Dimensional modeling. This means that the operator has access to live readings of all alignment angles at all working lift heights. This system uses one of the most advanced alignment software platforms in the industry, extremely straight forward, logical and easy to use.
Intuitive programming and Intelligent diagnostics allow for live 3D modeling, live cradle and sub frame adjustments. Animated graphics and videos also assist with operator help and training.
A true non-gravity based system that minimizes many common operator or equipment errors that can occur.

Special Features
Intuitive easy to use software.
Complete and comprehensive world wide and designated Australian vehicle specification databases.
Advanced Measurement Capabilities.
Multiple customer report and printout options including colour.
Alignment and Customer Database.

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John Bean - Visualiner

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